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Height Fall Accident Personal Injury Attorney

What to Do if You're Injured in a Work-Related Height Fall Accident in New York City and Long Island

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Height Fall Accident Compensation

If you are a New York City or Long Island worker who was injured at work as a result of a fall from a height accident – this is unfortunate. Know that you might have a right to compensation for your injuries and losses under New York State workers’ compensation law.

Being a construction worker or mover working in unkown environments can be a dangerous gamble. Property managers and subcontractors may try to pinch pennies by not fixing the flooring or not ensuring safety harnesses, resulting in a height fall accident. That is why The Law Offices of Edmond J. Hakimian, PC stands by your side. 

The goal of our height fall accident lawyers is to help injured persons obtain the compensation they need to cover their medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. We will investigate, document, negotiate, litigate, and represent your height fall case in New York City and Long Island.

File a Personal Injury Claim After a Height Fall Accident

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Workers' Compensation Attorney in New York and Long Island

Who Do We Represent in Height Fall Accidents?

There are plenty of professions associated with the need to perform work functions at extreme heights in the modern economy. If you work in one of the following professions and have been injured in a height fall accident through a third-party, you are protected by New York State Workers Compensation Law.

Construction Workers

Work at heights while erecting buildings, bridges, or other structures, making them particularly susceptible to falls.


Work on top of buildings, often at steep angles, which puts them at risk of falling.

Window Cleaners

Work on tall buildings and use specialized equipment to clean windows. Any mistake can result in a fall.


Often have to climb ladders to access buildings on fire, putting them at risk of falls.

Tree Trimmers

Work at heights to trim branches or remove trees. The work requires special equipment and techniques, and even with precautions, they are still at risk of falls.


Work on utility poles or on the roofs of buildings, putting them at risk of falls.


Work on ladders or scaffolding to reach high walls or ceilings, which puts them at risk of falls.

Others (call us to find out!)

Other possible professions for performing work functions in which workers have to climb to heights.

NYC Height Fall Worker Accidents

Falling from various heights can have serious impact on individuals. There are various types of accidents that require extreme heights, and falling can unfortunately result in personal injuries for these workers. Here are just a few examples The Law Offices of Edmond J. Hakimian PC deals with on a daily basis. It’s important to always prioritize safe practices such as wearing harnesses, and follow policies to minimize the risk of accidents.


The biggest risk of working from extreme heights, or even lower heights is the risk of falling which results in serious injuries

Structural Collapses

Buildings can suddenly collapse while you are working at a height forcing you to fall with the buildings and hitting debris


Various power lines are situated higher up, and working in these heights may cause you to hit it causing electric shock to you

Improper Training

Lack of proper training such as not following policies, wearing no harness, or standing too close to the edge can cause you to fall

Falling Objects

When working at heights such as buildings, objects may fall if not stored properly and hit you causing blunt force trauma or to fall

Inclement Weather

Various environmental factors such as high winds, severe rain, and severe snow can cause objects to fly around or make it hard to see

Lack of Inspections

Lack of inspections such as old equipment or structures can cause unexpected, often severe consequences for the worker

Other Height Fall Accidents

Other accidents involving working at various heights

Height Fall Personal Injuries That Can Occur

It’s important for subcontractors and propoert managers to take steps to prevent workers from falling from heights while working. By not inspecting spaces or safety harnesses, these workers can have severe injuries. Here are some of the most common injuries associated with falls from a height in third-party claims.

Broken Bones

A fall from a height can cause fractures in various parts of the body, such as the arms, legs, hips, and spine.

Head Injuries

A fall from a height can result in head injuries ranging from minor concussions to traumatic brain injuries, which can be life-threatening.

Spinal Cord Injuries

A fall from a height can cause damage to the spinal cord, which can result in paralysis, loss of sensation, or other permanent disabilities.

Internal Injuries

The impact from a fall can cause internal injuries to organs such as the liver, spleen, or lungs, which can be life-threatening if not treated promptly.

Cuts and Bruises

A fall can cause cuts, bruises, and abrasions, which can be painful and require medical attention.

Psychological Trauma

Falls from a height can also cause psychological trauma, such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Unfortunately, some bicycle accidents result in death to the victim.

Personal Injury Benefits for Height Fall Laborers

If you are a worker such as a construction worker that deals with various heights, and got injured at some point during work by the fault of a third party, you are legally entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. In New York State, all employers are legally obligated to personal injury insurance which has your back covered in case of a work-related height fall accident. These benefits may include, but are not limited to the following:

Medical Care

Workers are covered with medical treatment/care and reimbursed for medical expenses including doctor visits, testing, prescription, surgery, and more.

Lost Wage Reimbursement

Workers temporarily unable to go back to work are able to receive reimbursements for lost wages. These cash payments are usually 2/3 of their average weekly wages or maximum approved payment.

Permanent Disability Benefits

Also called Scheduled Loss of Use (SLU), these are cash benefits paid to workers who have suffered permanent injuries and are unable to return back to work.

Vocational Rehabilitation

If the injury has caused the worker to not be able to return back to their previous job field, vocational rehabilitation allows them to receive employment through training benefits and job placement.

Death Benefits for Family Members

If a worker suffers a fatal injury resulting in death, surviving family members are able to receive to receive death benefits and payments for funeral expenses.

Hiring a Workplace Personal Injury Attorney

Third-party personal injury claims can be overwhelming when doing the process yourself. Furthermore, when you are assessing the relationship between workers’ compensation and third-party claims, it can be complex and the circumstances in your case could differ. Should this happen, it is best to hire a personal injury lawyer with the knowledge and experience to review your case. 

Contact our personal injury lawyers here at The Law Offices of Edmond J. Hakimian! Call us now or fill out our contact form to receive a free personal injury legal consultation and case review! By hiring us, we will advocate for your rights and get you the maximum compensation that your justice deserves. 

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