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While companies may put rules and regulations in place when you are injured at the job such as workers’ compensation insurance, there may be obstacles you’ll face for lost time and ensuring you get proper treatment. With numerous pages you and the doctor need to file, and having to follow the guidelines, it can be stressful and delay your compensation further.

This is where we at the Law Offices of Edmond J. Hakimian come in! We assist and guide you through the process of workers’ compensation. Regardless who is at fault, an injured worker is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. We’ll walk with you from the beginning to the end of your case, gathering proper evidence, working with other witnesses, and more while protecting your rights and making sure you get the expenses and lost wages you need.

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New York Workers' Compensation FAQs

If you have been injured at your jobsite, you have every right to be able to get workers’ compensation insurance. And while filing a claim can be easy, the process may be troublesome if you don’t know your rights. Explore our most popular FAQ for more details on your type of accident. Each person’s case is different, so we recommend consulting an attorney to discuss and evaluate your case.

Depending on the severity, the most important priority is seeing if you need medical attention. If you only sustained minor injuries, we recommend take photos and videos of the workplace accident and any witnesses contact information. From there, you can set up a consultation with a workers’ compensation attorney to discuss your options.

Companies have to defend themselves as well, and you may be at a disadvantage in your case without a worker’s compensation attorney. Additionally, while many companies have workers’ compensation insurance in place, it does mean that you have been given every right while injured. With at attorney, they are able to handle all legal documentations, and will be able to help you through the whole case making sure you get the justice you deserve.

The U.S. has no-fault claims for workers’ compensation. You are still able to receive workers’ compensation benefits even if it is your fault.

Our office offers free legal consultation and case evaluation! Focus on getting the medical attention and compensation you deserve without having to worry about any fees.

Our online Contact Form makes it easy for you to sign up online without having to come into the office. We can assist you with any general questions and respond to your requests within 24 hours.

A free consultation will firstly be conducted to assess your case and make sure we are the right fit. You have two years statute of limitations to file a claim in the state of NY. Once determined, we assist you in filling out the form, gathering proper evidence (e.g., video evidence, witness testimony, etc.), and filing your claim. After submission, it is waiting for the Board to see if there is a scheduled hearing or not. If denied, we will gather more evidence, making sure your claim is approved. Throughout the whole process, you have direct access to your attorney, so if you have any questions, you are able to reach them. Once approved, you can rest assured that you are getting the justice you deserve. And you pay nothing throughout the whole process until you win your case!

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