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Successful Workers' Compensation Cases

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Explore some of the successful workers’ compensation cases our legal team won in New York City and Long Island resulting in law compliance and big payouts for our clients.

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Workers' compensation attorney for New York City and Long Island manufacturing, factory, and industrial workers injured in working accidents

Construction Accident


Job Position: Construction site worker who was working off the books

Workplace Injury: The worker was hit by a falling object and resulted in having to undergo shoulder and neck surgery. He therefore could not work and lost his wages.

Situation: He filed a case of his own, but the insurance company did not want to pay wages and cover medical expenses, as they assumed he was not employed by the company.

Outcome: He then turned to us for help. After our team gathered evidence such as co-worker testimonials, texts, and worker uniforms, the judge ruled there to be an employee/employer relationship. Thus, the client was awarded lost wages for time not in work, and reimbursement for medical expenses. While the insurance company tried to appeal the case, shortly after, we responded with a comprehensive rebuttal, going over the facts and evidence once more. Months later, the appeal was decided in our favor and the client received the money he deserved!

Construction Accident


Job Position: Construction site worker

Workplace Injury: The worker fell off a scaffold at work injuring his whole body. He had to undergo several surgeries and lost his wages as he could not go back to work for a period of time

Situation: A case was filed with the Workers’ Compensation board and insurance company – but the insurance company disputed the case due to their claim of the accident never happening

Outcome: Our team gathered hospital records, videos of the accident, and several witness testimonies, we were able to present the video of the accident, and the contemporaneous hospital records, corroborating a work-related accident. At the conclusion of the trial, the judge favored in our position that the accident occurred at work and was compensable. The judge was able to authorize surgeries he needed and direct payments for lost wages.

Workers' compensation attorney for New York City and Long Island construction workers injured in working accidents
Workers' compensation attorney for New York City and Long Island healthcare workers injured in working accidents

Healthcare Accident


Job Position: Nurse

Workplace Injury: The nurse was working and slipped and fell during her shift

Situation: She was getting paid money from her insurance company and did not need an attorney. We recommended her to retain an attorney as insurance companies could stop benefits at any moment. However, she decided to think about it and get back to us.

Outcome: Two months later, the same nurse called us stating that she was no longer paid by the insurance company and that the insurance company sent her an IME. The IME (Independent Medical Examination) claimed she did not have a disability and therefore wasn’t eligible for benefits. Thus, we cross-examined with the insurance company IME doctor about several flaws regarding his examination and report. Once we got the judge to review the IME doctor’s testimony that he did not review any MRI’s and examined all injured body parts, the judge ruled the IME was not credible and our client was awarded additional money for lost wages.

Transportation Accident


Job Position: Truck Driver

Workplace Injury: The truck driver was in a motor vehicle accident one year prior

Situation: He was paid for the time that he missed work, but still had lingering mobility issues with his knee after surgery.

Outcome: He came to us for help regarding his long-term mobility issues. We reviewed his file and sent him in for an evaluation of an SLU (Scheduled Loss of Use). After receiving the report, we allowed the insurance company to obtain their own permanency, which resulted in their report giving a much lower percentage than ours. We attempted to negotiate with the insurance company who refused, resulting in us going into trial. After cross-examining with the insurance company’s doctor, he admitted that he did not properly use the guidelines when coming up with his final percentage opinion. As a result, the judge agreed that the insurance company’s doctor was not credible and made a finding in accordance with the permanency opinion of the treating doctor. Thus, our client was entitled to a six-figure award.

Truck and Motor Vehicle Accident Workers' Compensation Lawyer in NYC and Long Island

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