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What to Do When You're Injured in a Food Service and Restaurant Accident in New York City and Long Island

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Injured working in a NYC Restaurant?

Restaurants are one of the most hectic environments to be in. Many workers and customers are moving all at the same time which means something is bound to go wrong. Additionally, with other forces to play such as gas and fire, it is dangerous to be working in the backend. However, just like with any other company, restaurant workers who are injured on the job, are entitled to workers’ compensation.

At The Law Offices of Edmond J. Hakimian, we protect you from becoming another statistic. Our attorneys are here to protect your right to fair worker’s compensation when you are injured on the job. Accidents are severe and can drastically change your life, and while recovery is your number one, the medical bills is another struggle you will face. Let us fight for you and get the compensation you deserve!

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Workers' Compensation for Food Service and Restaurant Workers in New York and Long Island

Who Do We Represent in Food Service and Restaurant Accidents?

Restaurant workers and food service workers are susceptible to many workplace accidents such as slips, burns, cuts, etc. In the event of workplace accident, restaurant workers are covered by Workers’ Compensation. Here is a list of just some of the many restaurant and food service workers represented by the Law Offices of Edmond J. Hakimian and are usually covered by Workers’ Compensation:


Servers encompass a variety of tasks from taking orders, serving food and beverages, and providing customer service


These also include sous chefs who plan and prepare meals, supervise the kitchen staff, and oversee the cooks in many New York City restaurants


Cooks that prepare, grill, and sauté foods in not only restaurants, but bars, lounges, and other NYC eating establishments


These include bartenders in restaurants, lounges, bars, and other places serving drinks in the New York City area


Bussers support the restaurant by clearing tables, resetting them, and cleaning the dining area for new customers


These workers greet and seat guests, manage reservations, and answer customer inquiries in many New York City restaurants

Food Preparers

This category includes preparers in New York City halls and banquets that prepare ingredients, portion food, and assemble dishes

Catering Staff

This includes catering staff at weddings, venues, and large gatherings in New York City to prepare and serve food

NYC Food Service and Restaurant Worker Accidents

Regardless if you are a manager, front-of-house employee, or back-of-house employee, etc. you have a right to workers’ compensation for your injuries! Our experienced team at The Law Offices of Edmond J. Hakimian handles all food service and restaurant workplace accidents, including:


Cooking with gases/oils on open fires, machines plugged in 24/7 run the huge risk of causing a fire and exploding

Equipment Malfunction

Occurs when a worker uses machinery that starts to malfunction resulting in the equipment losing control and can hurt the worker

Falling Objects and Boxes

Falling objects like pots/pans and boxes with produce especially from higher levels can hit people causing a major accident

Slips, Trips, and Falls

These are accidents that occur when a worker slips, trips, or falls while on the job, such as on wet floors, or uneven carpeting/tiling


Hot surfaces and machines used to cook foods are at higher temperatures and can burn workers if they're not careful

Toxic Chemical Exposure

Certain foods can can be harmful when accidentally inhaled or ingested if not stored or packaged properly

Common Causes of Restaurant Worker Accidents in NYC

While the restaurant environment isn’t as dangerous as say construction, restaurant workers still face numerous risks every day at the workplace. The environment in the restaurant whether big or small gets so busy, that many workers aren’t able to watch and care for themselves. Additionally, many chefs and sous chefs work with fire and electricity making for dangerous areas to be in. Some common causes for these accidents include:

No Signages for Slippery and Wet Floors

Wet floors can be easily overlooked by workers which can cause them to accidentally slip hurting themselves

Not Wearing Non-Slip Shoes or Having Non-Slip Floors

Shoes without grip and floors like hardwood and tile can be very slippery for workers especially if the floor is wet

Improper Maintenance of Front and Backend of Restaurant

Wires that aren't managed correctly, kitchen items that aren't stored properly, and messy floors are a huge accident waiting to happen

Improper Storage of Food

Different foods have proper storage rules and improper storage may cause food to release chemicals internally injuring workers

Failure to Prevent Kitchen Fires

No fire safety training and mishandling of certain tools/machinery may result in kitchen fires

Serious Restaurant Injuries That Can Happen

Restaurants need to maintain proper safety protocols and prevention methods to make sure a restaurant accident doesn’t occur. Furthermore, communication and supervision with everything in the restaurant helps to ensure such injuries below don’t happen: 

Cuts and Burns

These can result from handling stoves and its components, falling pots/pans during work, or contact with hot surfaces

Lower Back Injury

Workers involved in lifting, carrying, or handling heavy produce boxes or gas tanks can cause back injuries, such as herniated discs, muscle strains, or spinal injuries.


Severe trauma to certain parts of the body such as spinal injury from falling may cause loss of motor function and result in paralysis.

Loss of Function of Limbs

Severe cuts and third degree burns from explosions may result in the loss of limbs or the loss of functioning body parts

Head and Neck Injuries

Blunt force trauma from falling objects or heavy lifting may cause strain on the neck causing these injuries


Workers’ Compensation Benefits
for Food Service and Restaurant Workers

If you are a waiter, server, host, chef, or food service worker, and got injured while working in a restaurant or other food-related establishment, you are legally entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. In New York State, all employers are legally obligated to have workers’ compensation insurance which has your back covered in case of a restaurant accident. These benefits may include, but are not limited to the following:

Medical Care

Workers are covered with medical treatment/care and reimbursed for medical expenses including doctor visits, testing, prescription, surgery, and more.

Lost Wage Reimbursement

Workers temporarily unable to go back to work are able to receive reimbursements for lost wages. These cash payments are usually 2/3 of their average weekly wages or maximum approved payment.

Permanent Disability Benefits

Also called Scheduled Loss of Use (SLU), these are cash benefits paid to workers who have suffered permanent injuries and are unable to return back to work.

Vocational Rehabilitation

If the injury has caused the worker to not be able to return back to their previous job field, vocational rehabilitation allows them to receive employment through training benefits and job placement.

Death Benefits for Family Members

If a worker suffers a fatal injury resulting in death, surviving family members are able to receive to receive death benefits and payments for funeral expenses.

Regardless if you were totally to blame for the accident, workers’ compensation in NYC is a no-fault system. No party is to blame, which means you can get workers’ compensation benefits after a construction accident.

How a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help You

When filing a claim, it can be very stressful with all the documentations and evidence needed. With a Workers’ Compensation attorney, we can help navigate you through the process of the claim and assess your compensation! 

Furthermore, our attorneys have knowledge of the laws of NYS surrounding restaurant and food service accidents. By having an attorney, it makes it easier to investigate the case, and give you a much better success rate of winning! 

Don’t wait to talk to a lawyer! If you were hurt on the job, call us at The Law Offices of Edmond J. Hakimian. Our experienced restaurant accident lawyers in NYC are ready to help you get the fair compensation you deserve! From managers, to servers, caterers, hosts, etc. we serve all types of restaurant workers.

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