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Injured working in the NYC Restaurant?

Restaurants are one of the most hectic environments to be in. With so many workers and customers, something is bound to go wrong. Additionally, with other forces to play such as gas and fire, it is dangerous to be working in the backend. However, just like with any other company, restaurant workers who are injured on the job, are entitled to workers’ compensation.

At The Law Offices of Edmond J. Hakimian, we protect you from becoming another statistic. Our attorneys are here to protect your right to fair worker’s compensation when you are injured on the job. Accidents are severe and can drastically change your life, and while recovery is your number one, the medical bills is another struggle you will face. Let us fight for you and get the compensation you deserve!

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Types of Restaurant Accidents

Our experienced team at The Law Offices of Edmond J. Hakimian handle all restaurant workplace accidents, including:


Equipment malfunction

Falling objects and debris

Slip, trip, and fall


Toxic chemical exposure

Regardless if you are a manager, front-of-house employee, or back-of-house employee, etc. you have a right to workers’ compensation for your injuries!


While the restaurant environment isn’t as dangerous as say construction, restaurant workers still face numerous risks every day at the workplace. Big or small, the environment in the restaurant gets so busy, that many workers aren’t able to watch and care for themselves. Some common causes for these accidents include:

No signages for slippery and wet floors

Not wearing non-slip shoes or having non-slip floors

Improper maintenance of front and backend of restaurant

Failure to prevent kitchen fires

Improper storage of food

These can easily be prevented, but if not, can cause dangerous, even life-threatening injuries.

Common NYC Restaurant Injuries

Restaurants need to maintain communication and supervision with their workers. Without proper safety protocols followed, serious injuries can occur such as:

Cuts and burns

Lower back injury


Loss of function of limbs

Head and neck injuries


This can lead to some severe life-altering changes. Old or young, you still have a life to live. And with medical bills and possible loss of wages, it will be a burden. Workers’ compensation is important for you!

Get Fair Worker’s Compensation

Many restaurants and owners often cut corners for profits. If you have been hurt at work in a restaurant accident, you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. In NYC, it is mandatory to have workers’ compensation insurance in place. These benefits provide:

Reimbursement for medical expenses

Reimbursement for lost wages

Death compensation for a family members

Regardless if you were totally to blame for the accident, workers’ compensation in NYC is a no-fault system. No party is to blame, which means you can get workers’ compensation benefits after a construction accident.

Don’t wait to talk to a lawyer! If you were hurt on the job, call us at The Law Offices of Edmond J. Hakimian. Our experienced restaurant accident lawyers in NYC are ready to help you get the fair compensation you deserve! From managers, to servers, caterers, hosts, etc. we serve all types of restaurant workers.

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